The recommended domestic staff screening test

Domestic workers, such as chefs, nurses, and housekeepers, are becoming ‘adopted’ part of the family structure. The busyness, the normal routine that accompanies urban dwellers makes having a housekeeping staff a must, particularly for working families with small children. Do not forget to complete the maid health screening before you hire. Let us see some of the screening tests which should be done.

HIV rapid

This test detects the presence of Hiv in the blood. The test could be conducted on blood, saliva, or urination. Hiv could be transmitted by blood exposure, such as using the same blade, needles, or injection. HIV is infectious, and domestic workers must be checked for it before being hired. A positive test outcome is not a cause to not employ your chosen employees; rather, it enables us to make an educated choice.

 Hepatitis B screening

This Viral Infection is an extremely infectious dual trapped DNA virus that infects both severe liver illnesses. Blood testing could identify hepatitis B viral symptoms in the person. This illness could be transmitted when an infectious human’s blood, sperm, or other bodily fluid penetrates the system of anyone who isn’t sick.

 Full blood counting screening

This blood testing is used to determine general health. This could be used to predict a broader variety of conditions, such as infections, anemia, and leukemia. Haemoglobin, RBC, WBC, hematocrit, and platelets are some of the constituents and components of blood that are examined incomplete blood count testing.

The test described above will enable individuals to make an educated decision regarding their future steps.